The “official” 2012 website ( – yep, that’s the first clue that it is a marketing exercise, now announces on their homepage Welcome To Our New Beginning:

We have entered a new era in our existence. A new beginning. A renewed enlightenment. We have entered a time of peace and harmony, hope and change, love and understanding. and a time of desire and ability to take back what has been taken from us. . . our dignity as human beings. We will no longer be subjected to tyrannical governments, man made religious directives and human degradation. We will stand as one against evil and injustice and pursue our right to exist in a free and just world. The time has come. The time is now, the scales have tilted and the power is now with the people.

That’s code for “this web site only exists for the scraps of advertising $$ it might scrape up – thanks but I am on to the next meme…”

I don’t blame him, I’m just pointing out the disingenuous-ness of it all.  Their forum ended just before the end of  the world, leaving hundreds of regular users suddenly without a venue.