This has been repeated ad nausea, but we don’t see the BBC take on 2012 as often as elsewhere. In this video (can’t embed it sorry – see it at the BBC), some of the world’s leading archaeologists have come together to dismiss speculation over the end of the calendar’s 5,126-years cycle.

One world you rarely hear from academics is opinion. Yet, with not much evidence, and much of it conflicting, there is no right or wrong answer. The Popol Vuh and other archaeological remnants of the Maya can appear to suggest a doomsday day scenario when presented to anyone who is not a scholar. Yet scholars prefer to categorically state the opposite, even though it is still essentially an opinion. Perhaps they are hedging their bets, so that regardless of their personal opinion, their career will remain intact if 2012 is not the year of a global cataclysm.