Doomsday Preppers has been a big hit on Cable TV, but there are other types of preppers out there. They are the folk who watch Doomsday Preppers, read books on the topic (like mine on 2012 Survivalism) but don’t actually do much about it. They are probably the vast majority… Here’s one of many profiled at TMN*

Name: Douglas Bell

Age: 37

Disaster Prediction: Earth’s poles suddenly shift, which may or may not be the same as a magnetic field reversal (Mr. Bell is planning to google both terms some time in the near future). Nor is it known what type of calamity would ensue, but it could involve clocks running backwards or young people switching bodies with old people.

Signs: A hunch. A prophetic dream. An errant thought during a drug haze.

Preparations: Mr. Bell ponders all the many strange and dire consequences of the upcoming polar shift, attempting to come up with a solid survival plan, but he soon loses focus and puts it out of his mind until tomorrow, when he is sure to be struck by inspiration. In the meantime, he chooses to play Call of Duty and remain hopeful that things will work themselves out.