10 Interpretations for 2012

by Michael Ewin

There are a number of interpretations currently in existence as to what will happen in the very important year 2012.

There are over 17 different Mayan calendars and what is interesting is that they all conjunct in December 2012. Their calendars are circular not linear as the Chinese, Persian, Chaldean Roman-Julian calendars are.

The solar system is a circular affair this is why their calendars are. The biggest of their calendars is one that has a 52,000+ year cycle.

  1. There are some people saying:“It is nothing more than massive consciousness change”.
  2. Somesay in New Age and Esoteric spiritual Circles: “It is all about Ascension. When some people shift from the third dimension to the fourth or fifth dimension. Some people will just disappear into those dimensions because their vibrations are higher than those being left behind”.
  3. Some are saying:“It is the rapture of the elect, and the second coming of Christ when only the saved and the believers will be lifted up into the heavens, while the rest will experience Armageddon on Earth. As it is Armageddon and the end of the world, God is now judging the world”.
  4. Gaia time. It’s when the Artic ice melts and the sea level rises, people have to evacuate some coastal regions. We see the consequences of the way we have been abusing the Earth. Mother earth is angry and answering back.
  5. It’s just another Olympic games year, another American election andyet another year of conflicts between some nations and groups. The price of oil will be $ X? higher than it is now.
  6. It’s just the Mayan Astrological Calendar, there are 17 calendars and they all conjunction on one day late in 2012 so what!There are also Chinese, Persian, Chaldean, Tibetan, and Zoroastrian calendars.
  7. The good aliens are coming, and they are going to lift the good people up in their city sized space ships. (Probably only the good environmentalists who have worked so hard to save the world!)
  8. The bad aliens will land, and there is a war between the lizard aliens and the good Nordics who have blue eyes and are between 7 and 8 feet tall. It’s a fight between good and evil, and the Galactic Federation reveal their presence at long last. Stark Trek is based on fact.
  9. This is just another conspiracy theory. All this talk is rubbish about a pole shift in December 2012, withhurricane winds when the Earth stops rotating for 3 days and massive Tsunamis wipe out whole regions . While in different parts of the Earth there are 3 days of darkness or 3 days when the sun never sets. This is simply part of a dark disinformation agenda hatched up by The NSC or other agencies to instill fear in people so that populations can be more easily controlled and manipulated. All those underground survival Arks built by military agencies is not reported by corporate media,therefore they must not exist!
  10. A planet (Ni.Bi.Ru – Marduk – PlanetX) that circles our binary sun, enters into this solar system, anddoes so every 3660 years. This cause changes to the magnetic field of the Earth, affects the solar radiation of our sun, and gravitational forces affect tides, tectonic plates and can even cause Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It also affects the planet’s climate. There are some people in high places who know this, and they have kept it a secret because they don’t want mass panic, and loose their control over people. Governments fear mass panic if the news leaks out.

Comments on point one:

“It is just a change in consciousness”.

Yes it is.

For example. When you contact the information that the world is about to drastically change for a short period of time, and then be re-structured on a new paradigm, how did you re-act?

Was it one of fear?

Did you only think of yourself, or were you thinking of other people? Interesting to self-observe oneself.

I believe that if our first reaction was that we only thought of our own survival and had NOTtaken into account the needs of others in this time of change, then we have not shifted our consciousness yet.

We are still ‘self’ and ‘me’ oriented, which is the basis of the dominant civilization you are a part of

(and create and even maintain). I do not know who is reading this, so that last sentence might not apply to a lot of readers.

Yet for others it is very true. A person’s employment situation might well be very active in maintaining this civilization which is based on the power of the “haves” having power over the have not’s. This especially applies to nations, the rich nations and the poor nations. Or. The rich suburbs and the poor suburbs.

People do not know how to share it seems.

There are literally hundreds and thousands of such examples of this limited line of thinking. While young children at pre-school are trained to share common toys in these centers, the parents who drop them off at these pre-school centers in large four wheel drive status symbols, cannot share. They simply do not know how to practice win-win, it is always…” I must win therefore you must loose”, except perhaps in some close family situations.

So is that what is meant about consciousness change leading up to 2012?

But the true test of whether we can share is measured when hard times arrive. Thus, the coming changes and the knowledge of these changes, will force people to alter their consciousness

Note that the reactions people experience in #2, #3,# 4 and might also have that tendency. That is: “My religion means that I will be saved, and because you do not believe my religion you will not be saved, for the only people who will escape are those who have my religion, and set of my beliefs”. This applies both to New Age Spirituality and extreme forms of Christianity. I do not know enough about Muslims to comment if the same spiritual arrogance applies.

The Mad Max Syndrome.

On hearing the news that extreme changes are to occur, many minds immediately jump to the conclusion that this will mean extreme chaos.

From that they then lapse to the gun mentality i.e. “the only people who will survive these changes are those well armed”.

This line of thinking has been created by Hollywood. It is seen in all the disaster films you may have ever seen. The Terminator series is a classic example. In previous decades there was a whole genre of books and films which illustrated this future picture of when our world was depicted as being chaotic, and ruled by lawless tribes after a nuclear third world war. In that picture (which never eventuated), the most regressive and aggressive were victorious.

George Miller the creator of the Mad Max series was right when his script showed a world where

petrol itself was a new currency. I think that might even be true for a short period of time, but will of course not be a long term future. You cant eat Gold, but I would not be surprised if Gold became a barter commodity. In fact, barter itself might become the norm at times.

So if your mind immediately tended towards seeing a lawless world ruled by guns you might be seeing only a small part of a big picture. You might be seeing your own fear, mirrored back into your own mind.

This mentality may apply in America which is a gun condoned culture, but it does not apply at all to rural New Zealand! Different parts of countries and different regions will all react all in different ways.

One situation will not apply everywhere on the planet, because different parts of the planet are going to be affected to different degrees.

One could assume that isolated Islands in the middle of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans might be effected to a greater degree, but a place like Tibet will not be. Do you follow my logic here? Some changes will be extreme, some changes be minor.

A realistic simulation of a future is one where electricity grids in cities malfunction due to massive solar flares and magnetic storms on our sun. These magnetic solar storms can knock out satellites, when the satellites go down, electronic communications shuts down. This has already happened in some cities with total shut downs due to electronic computer failures.

To date these have only lasted a day or so, but if that happens over a week or more than there will be serious problems for people locked into large cities, not being able to receive food supplies, without a functioning banking system and no petrol being available at service stations. All shops close.

Comments on interpretations 8,9.

“Run Run the Aliens have landed”.

The Alien invader mind set tends to be generational. A whole generation of people have been bought up with computer games, and these games have revolved around Alien Invasions, wars between planets, and underground facilities on Earth.

These subjects have been a normal diet for the mind while these children were also being educated by a state controlled education curriculum. At school all the children (without exception) had their minds focused on the same patterns on information.

Other generations were never fed the idea of alien invasions and the like except in certain science fiction novels.

When some people are feed the ideas of either (a)“ the aliens are here to save us”; or (b) “the aliens are the cause of the problem, for lizard Saurian reptilian beings beneath the Earth in subterranean areas are feeding off the vibration of fear from humans”- the computer games generation can take that as a possible reality, while older people will see it as just fiction.

Some people read newspapers as if all the information there is unbiased, while other people searchthe Internet and compare many conflicting sets of facts, data, perspectives, ideas and information.

Disinformation & Propaganda

It is important to understand the difference between disinformation and propaganda.

All propaganda is channeled through media to the public, you, me. Without media there can be no propaganda. Many people confuse disinformation with propaganda. There is a difference. Additionally there is Black, Grey and White propaganda!

In some ways it is easier to understand propaganda and disinformation by studying it’s application during the second world war, rather than examining it’s application today.

Goebbels nationalises the German film industry in 1933 after establishing his ‘Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda’.

At the outbreak of war Goebbels has had a six year start over England and France. Though England had 3 secret service intelligence offices none were specifically concerned with directly controlling public information via radio broadcasts, newspapers and film production. Then in 1940 the Government established the British Psychological Warfare Department (BPWP).

In the United States Roosevelt created his ‘Political Warfare Department’ and appointed Colonel Donovan in November 1940 as ‘The Coordinator of Defense Information’ to research and create American counterparts. It’s first incarnation was known as the OFF, the Office of Facts and Figures!

“The Americans repeated and aggravated British mistakes by setting up two psychological warfare departments, the Office of War information (OWI) and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The first with responsibility for overt or ‘white’ propaganda, the second department for covert or ‘black’ propaganda”.

Extracted from ‘Propaganda – The art of persuasion WW2’. By Anthony Rhodes, Chelsea House Publishers Page 144.

Propaganda is untruths or information slanted to gain support for some specific cause or an agenda. An untruth is also known as a lie.

Disinformation is quite different

Disinformation has a specific goal: to paralyze, disrupt or confuse public debate and lead researchers, other nation’s intelligence services or media consumers down into an unproductive hole. To distract the mind into a diversion or diversions.

The ultimate strategy is to cause the greatest doubt in the seekers’ mind by releasing as little unfavorable truth/information as is possible.

Disinformation can be delivered by a known operative, or an by unwitting straw man acting on behalf of the straw man. When this occurs the deliverer of the message is often sincere, believing they are passing on truthful information, but they have been craftily manipulated by the hidden generators, in whom they have placed their trust.

Thus governments or corporate commercial multinational corporations can create disinformation campaigns. As outlined it is deemed to be any form of deliberately engineered misleading information, issued either overtly or covertly by their intelligence agencies, military departments or contracted third parties, to hide some unpalatable truth or disguise hidden truths. Unlike propaganda which distorts or invents information and often brings an emotional component to achieve a clearly defined goal, ‘disinformation’ typically contains some truthful information within the information matrix, all designed to ultimately confuse, cloud or fog another truth.

When different sets of disinformation are issued or released, often through apparently unrelated sources or agents, great debate or confusion often results. According to a Wikipedia entry “disinformation is designed to manipulate an audience at the rational lever by either discrediting conflicting information or by supporting (promoting) false conclusions”.

To “set up a straw man” or to “create a straw man argument” is to describe a position that superficially resembles an opponent’s position, but is much easier to ridicule or refute.

Disinformation should not be confused with Misinformation which is false information spread by mistake.

2nd World war Disinformation

An interesting case study in the history of disinformation occurred in the early years of the 1939 German war.

It was explained in a book by Martin Allen who researched the incident for over 10 years. Allen tells the story of Winston Churchill negotiating for a peace with Herman Hess, Hitler’s number two man. Hitler wanted to secure a truce with Churchill before he then broke his truce with Stalin and invade Russia. Much disinformation from different sources was given to the Germans by third party agents. They were used by Churchill to make Hitler believe that Churchill himself was serious and wanted to negotiate a peace; as the initiatives for a peace had originated from Hess and Hitler, and they had even offered to pay repatriation as part of the proposed peace settlement!

Neither Hitler nor Churchill could afford to let their subordinates know these negotiation were even happening. There were three meetings on neutral territory while the war still raged, and this became one of the greatest secrets of the Second World War.

When Herman Hess flew to Kilmarnock Scotland on May 10, 1941 with the papers for the British decoys to sign, a trap was set and Hess had to bail out with a parachute instead of landing at the pre-arranged airfield. The specially modified Messerschmitt Me-110 with long range tanks and an inflatable dingy in case he had to ditch the plane over the North Sea, was meant to be refueled in Kilmarnock before flying back to Germany with the signed documents. This is why Hess was the only high ranking German military officer never to be tried at the Nuremberg war trials, and why he was kept in prison to the day he died a half century after the war ended.

It was also the reason why he was never allowed to give interviews to the media, or to the many authors and historians who requested an interview with him!

Extracted from The Hitler/Hess deception – British Intelligence’s Best-Kept Secret of the Second World War. Harper Collins 2003.

Few people know of this interesting historical deception relating to the second World War.

By contrast the most well documented case of disinformation was ‘Operation Fortitude’ which preceding the D-Day landings, where the Allies totally convinced the Germans that a much larger invasions force was sailing from Kent. Of course that was all false.

Next, a classic propaganda campaign that has not received much publicity. It was used by Goebbels on France prior to the German invasion of that country in May 1940. Years before Hitler and Goebbels had sent Otto Abetz to Paris to infiltrate high Parisian society. The goal was to convince influential and patriotic Frenchmen that German and French national interests were the same, and to drive a wedge between England and France. At the same time Fordonnet broadcast different misleading stories into France from a radio studio in Stuttgart. Just before the invasion millions of pamphlets were dropped from planes on French towns.

This is what Hitler told Rauschnigg:

“The place of artillery preparation will be replaced by propaganda before the armies arrive…mental confusion, indecision, panic, – these are the first weapons. When the enemy is thoroughly demoralised from within, when social unrest is rife, that is the right moment. A single blow should suffice”.

He later told Rauschnigg:

“Why should I bother to use military means if I can do it better and more cheaply in other ways?…if I can break down the enemy psychologically before the armies begin to function at all…By provocation of unrest in French public opinion, France can easily be bought to the point where she will be able to use her army either….. too late…or not at all”

Psychological warfare is taught at the West Point military academy and in other such institutions today. Quoting from the American Air force official Web site I found their definitions of Military Deceptions and Psychological Operations amongst other definitions.


“Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator’s objectives. Also called PSYOP”

On SBS news we often see films from the Australian Army or the American army in Afghanistan where the TV news script calls this “winning the hearts and minds” of the people. That term was created by the military media and is used by the news agencies.

The best known current example of disinformation revolved around the Iraq Oil War. All the stories about ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ were part of a disinformation campaign, but the media around the actual invasion a year later was preparation propaganda.

The Grande Strategy

There exists a very clever strategy that has different labels to describe it. One is known as ‘The Grande Strategy’

This is when some story is deliberately leaked or offered to a media which will then give this story great exposure.

There of course will be key pieces of information with-in that story, the information can be either true of false. There are weaknesses designed with-in Story A, but are not first apparent. It some cases an “apparent whistleblower” will be used to leak Story A.

However it will be later followed with Part B, issued from a different unrelated source.

The creditability and consequent destruction of Story A has been created with the release of Story B. The “authority” of the people proving Story B will be much greater than Part A but not be linked in any way. It will come from totally different government agency, and has been designed to kill the original story or show that the original “whistleblower” was not reliable.

Part B will be given much greater exposure through many aspects of media, and this ‘B’ aspect is designed to stay in the public’s mind over an extended period of time.

The public will then believe Story B. This is why it is known as ‘The Grande Strategy’.

The strategy was designed to hide Truth C. Hence story C is never ever released to the media, and investigators who are so caught up debating or arguing the merits of Story A and B, then don’t even suspect the reality of the real story contained in Truth C. In the real world it can be even more complex than this simple explanation., for in objective reality the real truth of the whole matter may be contained in a Truth D!

Here is an example of a disinformation campaign that has lasted forty or more years.

A large body of authors and researchers who have worked since 1947 on the UFO subject (which then evolved into the ‘alien abduction” phenomena), became familiar with the role of disinformation to discredit them and the 80,000 sightings reported each year around the globe. A similar pattern occurs with the annual crop circle photographs.

The researchers who work in these subject areas attempt to locate and then name the people who operate as disinformation agents and make a distinction to those who are genuine government whistleblowers. They also like to quickly expose those who create hoaxes, both professional and amateur.

This disinformation policy has been employed for more than 40 years in both the UFO and alien abduction subject areas. The serious researchers and truth seekers who attempt to get to the truth of the matter, eventually discover who the agency funded people are.

Of course the exposed disinformation people in turn make the same claim about the genuine researchers! Thus, anyone new to the subject will find it quite difficult to believe which group in fact is telling the truth.

Government astrometry.

In 1983 NASA released the first stories to the media about Planet X where it became a front page story in the New York newspapers. However within six months NASA ceased releasing information about it.

As recently as 1930 James Clyde Baugh discovered Pluto. Pluto’s moon named Charon was discovered in 1978 by James Christy of the US Naval Observatory.

In 1983-1984 the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) produced data of a 10th planet, but it was not then named. This is the information that was given to the media. In 1992 Harrington and Tom Van Flandern of the Naval Observatory published their findings that there is indeed a 10th planet. From author Neil Freer www.neilfreer.com Since then has been a total silence and embargo of public information.

There are 464 government and foundation funded observatories found through Google. Noneresponded to my email enquiries about Planet X. There are also hundreds of small privately owned observatories.

According to the information on www.yowusa.com This planetary body was 15 Astronomical Units (AU) from Earth’s sun on April 15, 2007. On 15 May 2009 it will be 11 AU’s, but will only be 2.85 AU’s from our sun on 14 Feb, 2013 before moving away again. At that time it might be clearly seen in the sky as a second son. An A.U. is 93 million miles the approximate distance of the Earth from the Sun.

See the chart of it’s entry into the solar system at


It is approaching the Solar System from beneath the ecliptic plane that all the planets in the solar system rotate around our sun on. That is, it can be seen from Antarctica as it approaches Earth and the Solar System, this is why the South Polar Infra Red Telescope was built in Antarctica to observe it . The South Pole Telescope (STP) was completed in February 2007 when it came on line. It is 75 feet tall. Built in Kilgore Texas it was shipped to New Zealand in parts and then flown to Antarctica and the South Pole. One of it’s purposed is to chart the movement of Planet ‘X’ into our solar system.


The STP team is headed by John Carlstrom professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago.

In the future (especially around 2010) the control of information about Planet X by certain Government agencies is going to be a very difficult information manageable task.

Many politicians in the world do not know about Planet X at this time, while others do. It is released on a need to know basis as Governments fear people will panic if they come in contact with this information.

Certain government astronomers who know of the approach of Planet X are under firm contract as what they can say to media and what they cannot say.

When astronomers are contracted to government funded institutions or government agencies, all statements have to be cleared by and are then issued by and that organization’s press office, or their Public Relation /Public Affairs Director.

If an astronomer states that the Planet X does exist, all the other members of their organization will say that it has NOT been confirmed and it is mere speculation. While not actually denying it’s existence, the language used will be designed to cause confusion, even ambiguity, all designed to discredit any one who states that it does in fact exist, and might be a threat to life as we now know it on planet Earth.

If employees have to support families they are concerned about their financial future and promotional prospects and if they speak out of turn, then the life of a “whistle-blower” is not an easy one.

Already a whistle blower from the STP, who posted information on You Tube about Planet X was threatened, and he resigned after posting his last message on You Tube. He stated that he now feared for his safety and has since gone underground leaving a photo of himself with his last message to prove his authenticity.

When the high ranking Norwegian politician in 2007 broke the news about the underground survival Arks in Switzerland, Sweden and Norway and the secret technologies therein, this news quickly spread across the internet.http://projectcamelot.org/norway.htm

Finally in June 2008 it was observed that sections of the Google Sky Map (5H 53M 27S – 6 10” 5”) and Microsoft Heavens chart had been blocked out to viewers. This is very strange indeed as the exact section of the sky that has been blacked out, is the very quadrant in the Southern Skies where the planet approaches Earth from. www.youtube.com/nostarpanel


“I think that we are politically in this country, actually in this world, particularly in the last 8 years ….all of us… are ready to get to the truth. To drop the lies. It is so overwhelming now, it is so in our face that the political leaders we have trusted with our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honour. They have lied to us, and they have looked into the cameras, and they have absolutely told us lie after lie”

Richard Hoagland in an interview with Project Camelot’s Kerry Kassidy.


Richard Hoagland a former NASA consultant is author of the New York Times best seller list title ‘DARK MISSION’ which revealed some of the secrets NASA have hidden from the media for the last 40 years.

I believe one question that will have arisen more than once in your mind might be:

Why isn’t the media reporting the new planet’s reappearance?”

Chances are you did not even know about Planet X’s existence until you read this document.

The same applies to people working in media, who as explained earlier, receive a high percentage of their information given to them as press releases or news agency feeds. Of the small number of government agencies who know the Planet X information, they most certainly are not releasing the data to the media, for they well know there will be mass panic and fear. There have been too many disaster films made about asteroids falling into the Earth and causing destruction. We all have been well drilled about the dinosaur extinction event 60 million years ago. A once off event 60 million years ago is not the same as an effect that occurs every 3660+ years!

It is almost impossible to determine the exact number of government agencies who know of the existence of the return of this planetary body.

The planet is known by different names…. Marduk, Ni Bi Ru, Wormwood, and today as Planet X. It’s orbit is 3660+ years.

The fact is that the story about it’s return only recently broke out on the Internet, where itgrows month by month, with an ever growing number of You Tube postings by people unqualified and fearful who upload personal and emotional reports just repeating other emotional postings.

Unfortunately there are very few qualified accurate, reliable and factual postings. People new to the subject looking at the You Tube postings of course find it difficult to sort the wheat from the weeds.

When the information about it becomes a sort of epidemic on the Internet (probably around 2010), or when more scientists astronomers and individuals see it as a “second son” in the Southern hemispheres sky, then and only, then will governments have to start managing the disinformation about it, and the highly secretive underground “arks” that have been constructed unreported in many locations around the world.

Then and only then, will there begin an information war on the subject across many medias and audiences, until then, it remains as just another ‘underground information fringe’ item. It is placed in the “too weird to believe” basket because it is not being reported on the evening TV news along side climate change and rising oil and food prices stories. Some people even discount the existence of Planet X with that old clichéd line “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories” when in fact it is not a conspiracy theory but a little known astronomical phenomena.

Questions about Planet X and other matters

I entered the words Planet X into the Search Box on the Internet sites of CNN, BBC, Time magazine, Reuters, and Fox News. It was on July 4, 2008. There was only one story about it found in the science section of Fox news dated June 18.


Q1. Why after 40 years has the media suddenly gone berserk and manic about global warming and climate change, when this subject and information has been well known since the 1970’s when it first appeared as a major story theme?

Q.2 Why is there technology that does not pollute the planet and cause pollution, but is held in secret and used by the military in their vast complex of underground military Arks? There must be a reason why we are not being allowed to use these solutions on the surface. Is it simply the power of the global oil/petroleum industry that does not want to release their control over the old polluting technology paradigm, or is there another agenda in place here?

  1. I believe that there are those whose invisible job is to manage the leaks of information regarding planet X. Today with the Internet, unlike in 1983 when NASA first confirmed its existence, it is not an easy task for them. While the Planet X issue is buried, and lost amongst a thousand ever changing issues, they will see their task as successful. As long as there are a thousand varied distractions, the Planet X story will appear as just another fringe, whacko, and crazy story circulating on the Internet.
  2. This means that mainstream media will not cover it. Keep the story out of mainstream media corporations like the BBC, CNN, ABC, CBC, and FOX.
  3. Currently all the Astronomical observation stations that can report on it are censored.
  4. The oldest and easiest strategy is to use the “conspiracy theory” angle, and will probably be bought aggressively into the controversy at some future time.That, as explained earlier, is the information manager’s job, to create confusion and even ridicule those who attempt to expose the truth about it.
  5. Another old successful strategy is to employ disinformation authors and lecturers. Some have academic qualifications, some don’t.Already one very well known “agency” supported disinformation author from the alien abduction area has been rushed into the 2012 fray now with his widely promoted book on 2012.
  6. It is possible that the information mangers areengaging in an active promotion of close distractions, so this is where the Mayan Calendar with its change date of December 2012 comes into play, or the Armageddon syndrome favoured by many Christian groups.

Certain publishing companies are supported and encouraged to publish and promote the 2012 Mayan calendar or Armageddon material. So while readers focus on the exotic nature of the Mayan calendar and the changes in consciousness that are to take place in the industrialized world, those readers will not be looking at the Planet X reality and affect on life it will have here on our home world.

  1. Another old tactic is to actively promote the crazy end of the world groups. Such people of course have been around for centuries, in fact leading up to the year 1000 there were so many people who expected the world to end, that a Byzantine pope changed the datearound 996 and stated it was really 1004.

It is a simple task to promote or ridicule extremists ‘End of the World’ Christians and Armageddon believers in conventional corporation media outlets. It makes for good stories. It is not just Christians who promote the idea of the end of the world, it is found in other major world religions as well.

These highly emotional Book of Revelation etc claims will be debated or ridiculed, and in so doing totally ignore the objective reality of the unknown effects of Planet X on our Sun and climate on Earth.

  1. I believe in some ways the ultimate goal is NOT to let knowledgeable and respected media journalists discover what governments are doing and what government plans are, as Planet X draws ever closer.

The deception around the 911 attack and events in New York city, then linked to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq is proof that media can be controlled on a grand scale; and that a deception can be created on a literally unbelievable world wide scale in our media saturated societies today.

It is the strategy known as The Big Lie. Hitler frequntly claimed “the bigger the lie, the easier it is to make them believe it”.

Could it even be that sudden extreme climate change in the last decade, is related to Planet X’s affect on our sun and all the planets in our solar system?

NASA and other Astronomers have stated that all the planets in our solar system are heating up, so climate skeptics have used that argument to say that a carbon based civilization (oil and coal) is not the cause of current accelerated climate change.

An Engineered Fear Agenda?

Have you noticed how few people today seem to have long tern plans that stretch out more than 10 years into the future? Last century this was not so. I suggest that you do a survey amongst people you know. Ask them what they will be doing in 10 years from now (2018) or even five years from now (2013) and note the answers you receive. I would suggest that you do not tell them why you are doing this survey though.

If you live in low lying islands you really don’t want to think about the future, for the climate is now changing so fast you don’t know what the world will be like for your children when they become young adults. If indeed there is to intense global and local changes over the years 2011 – 2014 we might not yet be able imagine what our future will be.

Australia has few people living in the interior of the continent, with most people living on the coast. With accelerating sea level rise, we are going to be affected more that North American populations. Tony Blair knew what the climate impact would have on England surrounded by seas and affected by the warm Gulf stream, this was why he was one of the few politicians who was a pioneer and he thus took the subject seriously long before other world leaders.

No future is ever fixed because people can make change before external change occurs, or is forced upon a person or society. The example of the Jews who got out of Germany in 1937 and 1938 comes to mind. Others did not heed the obvious warnings and believed that conditions could not get worse. The rest, as they say, is History!

A current example is the air quality in Beijing. It keeps getting worse and some elderly people and young children are dying from respiratory infections. That is not a fixed future, something can be done about the air quality in that city, or it will keep getting so bad, that in time some unhealthy people will need to evacuate the city, and more will die. It is a positive trend that since 2005 more and more governments have started to address the situation, but some scientists like James Lovelock creator of the Gaia hypothesis, claim it is already too late.

There is a lot of material on the Internet about 2012 that is generating deep fear, but it is not yet linked to accelerating climate change.

The idea of the end of the world is but one common idea. And it is only an idea, for this planet has existed and evolved and changed for billions of years. Thus, the idea of “The end of the world” is therefore an illusion. “The End of an Era” of course is another matter.

I suspect that there is some deep invisible agenda when ‘End Of The World’ statements are promoted by some groups.

By contrast, it could well be that we will witness “The End of the Era of Oil” in our lifetime. The “Phase Change” of a civilization is another matter. Many civilizations have collapsed or imploded and earlier you read varied theories as to why they do. That was outlined at the start of the essay.Some argue they do not even collapse but just migrate and transform into another form.

People after all, still live in Egypt right next to the pyramids. People still live in Rome right next to the Coliseum. The Vatican is in Rome.

The Roman empire is a classic example. When it’s capitol in Rome was overrun by invaders, the Empire moved West becoming the Eastern Roman empire with it’s capital in Constantinople. In turn, Constantinople was overrun with an invading army, and became known as Istanbul after the Muslim Ottomans conquered it, and a different culture was imposed on that city. Today it is the capitol of the nation state of Turkey.

Yet modern Turkey before the Roman empire came into existence had it’s own regional empire known as Hittite. Centuries later it was known as The Anatolian world.

All cultures and civilizations seem to be in a constant state of change and metamorphosis.

Thus those who promote the end of the world in 2012 have no knowledge of the history of civilizations.

However what we might all be able to agree on, is that the future will be changed by extreme climatic or geological factors as has happened with many societies before.

When it comes to 2012 you find many items on the Internet that suggest we will even witness the total and complete collapse of civilization itself. I have seen material there which even states with self-proclaimed authority, that 83% of the planet’s population will be wiped out. How do they arrive at such a finite figure?

I suspect there is another agenda in place when such statements are made, possibly to catch the gullible into some invisible net of fear and apprehension, even to sell products or give power to these people.

In like manner there is also a great amount of information ‘coming through’ from people who are known as “channels”. These are people who state that aliens, or ascended spiritual masters, or ancient wise beings, talk through these channel-mediums and make all manner of predictions about the future – either horrific or heavenly.

None of these different futures agree.

It could be to trap gullible people into inaction. The agenda could even be to make people feel powerless.

Governments prefer populations to be compliant and many resort to fear and terror methods to do so. Clear examples of course were the National Socialists in Germany under Hitler and the modern communist Chinese state today. The ‘War on Terror’ was another fear program.

And what do such governments themselves fear? They “fear” that people will not respond to “fear” anymore.

A realigned perspective of 2013?

This last section actually reads like a science fiction story. I woke up in pre dawn one night in late March 2008 and wrote the following hand written entry in a diary. I of course should be read as a film script concept for a Hollywood film, perhaps in the Terminator tradition?

“So what we are doing right now is simply standing by. Many are just waiting.

The Governments are not certain either. Since the Norwegian politician blew the whistle about the many different government underground facilities around the world, they realize they have lost control of the situation.


Compare the situation to a war. An invasion. Australia has never been invaded like Europe or Asia. There, invasions have occurred since recorded history.

People leave cities when they are invaded, no problem, happens all the time, except that it has never happened here in Australia to the European settlers, so we see the idea as traumatic. Many have no empathy with the original occupiers of the Island Continent. The Indigenous people.

We have only ever know good times here on the Island Continent..

Have you got somewhere to move to?

Can you live without TV?

Can you live without a car or would you suffer a nervous breakdown because you can’t use it?

Can you live for 6 months with food that you have stored in case there are major food distribution problems?

Plan for the worst expect the best.

Each person will define what the worst and best is!

Imagine living in a city for 6 weeks without electricity. Play that future out in your mind. Play a mind game.

Imagine no cars in the streets, just the occasional army helicopter.

Imagine no traffic lights, no buses, no trains.

There is no petrol because there is no electricity due to a massive Solar Corona Mass Ejection which knocks out grids. We were unlucky because it happened when our side of the planet was facing the sun, but on the other side of the planet, which was in darkness when the Solar flare occurred, their cities were not affected.

There is no work because everything is closed like Berlin in 1945 when everything was closed, or in Baghdad in the 48 hrs leading up to the American/ Australian/ British invasion in 2003.

Very limited public transport only those with the special government pass. Money is not required on the buses only that pass. There are police on the buses to enforce the new law.

Martial law applies so people don’t riot and loot.

It is very very quiet, no cars no noise. The sound of bird song now seems suddenly very loud.

People living near the airport feel very strange because they had got used to living with the noise of planes /landing and taking off all day and all night.

Medical services are stressed; the generators require a constant supply of diesel fuel. Soon a black market in fuel arises. Fuel is the new currency. You can’t eat Gold, food becomes very important. Bottled water is very important.

Most all civil liberties are curtailed in this period of martial law. With no TV no one seems to knows what happened. The ABC radio station is still transmitting. People get their information from this Government radio station. There are no newspapers. There is no Internet.

Movements of people are restricted. A lot of people start to go crazy because they are not used to not using their car and being told to stay in the one place for days and days and days.

Kids play in the streets because they are safe. In the third week people in some suburbs start organizing street schools to give the kids something to do. There are no government schools open.

People now walk to see friends because there is nothing else to do. People meet people in their suburb that they never knew before, in the past people were never seen inside of their cars. No street lights. Candles run out.

People go to sleep early because there is nothing else to do. The number one topic is “when will the power be restored” No one knows, and no one in government admits it. Various explanations are being offered, but in the fourth week people no longer believe explanations.

People start to make plans to try and get out of cities but roadblocks were installed in the first week, and a permit is needed anyway.

Where permits are issued, crowds gather. Sometimes a member of a family camps outside the office where permits are issued because the queue gets bigger and bigger as the weeks pass. More and more people want to get out of the city now, the smell is starting to get very bad indeed, and rubbish collection was a problem from the very beginning. People were not used to digging holes in the ground and having a shit in it. A lot of people don’t bother, they shit in parks and don’t clean up.

Fights are not uncommon.

People are confused, disoriented, and just plain angry. This is Australia, things like this don’t happen in Australia only Africa! People go crazy because the world has changed. They hate it. All people do is talk about the past because they cannot accept the new reality. There is no TV and people have to deal with each other. There are no distractions. .

Pushbikes are everywhere.

Pushbikes become the accepted mode of transport and there is a great deal of discussion about this. Those who are fit love it, those who are not, well they feel as if they are missing out.

Water is not available on tap for eleven days, and that was what made most people panic. They are still talking about it five weeks later, when more and more people have settled into the new reality.

In fact there are large numbers of people who have adjusted to this new life and some are starting to say they like life better this way than when everyone was under stress seven days a week.

A lot of people now let their lawns die because of the extreme water restrictions, and this makes a lot of old men very angry.

There have been a lot of suicides but no one is talking about this for obvious reasons, but then again no one ever knew the suicide statistics before the big event.

That is what it is known as now “The big Event”.

News in the third week started to come in from other parts of the world.

In the seventh week people breathe a sigh of relief because they are informed that telephone communications might be restored in the next few weeks.

When TV is restored a lot of people breathe a great sigh of relief but hundreds of thousands don’t like this. No one has any comprehension of how many families broke apart after the Big Event. Statistics are not recorded anymore. Telephone surveys, Spam Mail, and Junk Mail are all a thing of the past.

A lot of people resent this new world simply because they have lost their power and status, this is obvious to others but not to the people who have lost status. They are very angry and do not know who to blame or where to direct their anger. It is as if the world has been turned up side down.

Those who always expected the government to solve the problems in society are really confronted by the new reality because government in many respects has broken down. The radio station does not say this but everyone can see with their own eyes what is happening around them.

Other people are angry because the police seem to have enough petrol to run their motor bikes and a few cars, but the citizens cant get access to petrol.

Truth is, that is the greatest trauma. No cars and no TV.

It is in the third week that alcohol has run out.

Some Alcohol stores were looted but then armed guards were placed around grog shops 24/7. When the alcohol ran out in private homes the feeling on the street was noticeably calmer. It was almost like the colour of the air itself had changed.

The same applied to the underground drug trade, it dried up even quicker in a matter of days because international trade and air flights has stopped.

In the seventh week the people up in the hills above Perth and the Blue Mountains in Sydney, who were riding horses started to venture down the hills into Midland, Armadale and Emu Plains.

Of course the Police horses were used in that first week, but unless you lived near Lake Munger and Hyde Park you would not have known, for that is where temporary stables were established.

All the civil emergency plans and trials had never ever envisaged such a situation as a city without electricity for weeks, so these people who followed rules and regulations, had to learn to make up the rules as they went along. Fact is they loved it but did not admit this to anyone other than their closest workmates.

Those people who relied on the power of their uniform had a very hard time of it. No one took any notice of their uniforms anymore, in fact they were despised. I don’t know how the film ends.

Quoting John Pickering www.lights2beyond.com

“What we think of as Reality is only part of the picture. We are not merely small smudges of paint in somebody else’s canvas; we are participants in creation: fluid, dynamic beings, painting our own destinies on the immense canvas of existence.”

Eckart Tolle THE POWER OF NOW Page 286 “Ultimately, nothing happens that is not meant to happen, which is to say, that nothing happens that is not part of the greater whole and it’s purpose.

Thus, destruction or disruption of the outer purpose can lead to finding your (society’s*) inner purpose and subsequently the arising of a deep outer purpose that is aligned with the inner (purpose”.

*Note – I added the word ‘society’ to the word ‘your’. As society here is the collective noun for the word you.

July 14, 2008 – Intended for discussion. Please feel free to email me at the following address. Some more links can be forwarded if you are interested. A sincere thank you for the time you have taken to read this J

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footnote (1) The Trilateral Commission

After examining the power of the TC over a number of years, including researching the history of it’s founder and his family over 4 generations I decided to look at the TC web site to complete my research.

I was astounded by the impression projected by their web site design. It was designed to appear as if the TC was a small outfit and the web site was designed by some non professional two bit web designer working from a small home office or kitchen. I was absolutely astonished.

Yet the membership itself reads like a ‘whose who’ of world business with the CEO’s of International Corporations like car manufacturers, telecommunications companies, Oil corporations, presidents, heads of universities and think tanks, Banks, Stock firms etc. There are ex American presidents, and European heads of state. Here is a short sample of TC members for 2005 who are CEO’s or on the boards of these corporations :

MEDIA: Donald E. Graham, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Washington Post Newspaper. Gerald M. Levin, Chief Executive Officer, AOL Time Warner, New York. Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek International, New York. Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report, New York. Bill Emmott, Editor, The Economist, London. David G. Bradley, Chairman, Atlantic Media Company, Washington.

BANKS – Paul A. Volcker former Chairman, Board of Governors, U.S. Federal Reserve System. Robert S. McNamara, former President, World Bank; former U.S. Secretary of Defense; former President, Ford Motor Company. John Thain, Chief Executive Officer, New York Stock Exchange. WTO. JPMorgan Chase. Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation. Goldman Sachs. P Morgan Chase. Power Financial Corporation. International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC. Global Banking, Citigroup Inc. Warburg Pincus. Amalgamated Bank of New York. Bank of Ireland. National bank of Belgium. Czech National Bank. Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bundesbank. N.M. Rothchilds. ING, Allianz. European Central Bank. Globe Capitol. Bank of Finland. National Bank of Romania. National Bank of Hungary. Citigroup European Investment Bank.

OIL AND GAS – Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, Anglo American; former Chairman, Royal Dutch/Shell Group, London. David J. O’Reilly, Chairman & CEO, Chevron Texaco Corp. Pfizer. Anne M. Mulcahy, Alfonso Cortina, Chairman, Repsol.

OTHER CORPORATIONS – The Carlyle Group, The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, GA. General Electric. Mattel, Inc., Sotheby’s, Canada; Chairman and CEO, Xerox Corporation, The Boeing Company. British American Tobacco. Stelios Argyros, former President of the Board of the Federation of Greek Industries, Athens. Georges Berthoin, International Honorary Chairman, European Movement. Eckhard Cordes, Member of the Board, DaimlerChrysler, Stuttgart. Vladimir Dlouhy, Senior Advisor, ABB; International Advisor, Goldman Sachs; former Czechoslovak Minister of Economy; former Czech Minister of Industry & Trade, Prague.

Professor Ross Garnaut who drafted Labour’s Carbon Trading solution is one of the three Australians who are TC members.