Brian Camden of Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters, in response to a question about bunker sales, says they are unable to keep up with demand. He estimates they have already constructed over 1,000 doomsday bunkers across the USA, with a further 100 under construction. The shelters are capable of withstanding earthquakes, tsunamis, solar flares, impacts and armed assaults. He says that most of his customers are “millionaires building bunkers beneath remote retreats”.

The above image provides an indication of how serious some 2012 bunkers are. As well as 2012 shelters, the company also converts disused missile silos, many of which are available for private purchase.

Apart from the odd kook like Tom Cruise, this is about all the information you will ever read about these bunkers. Owners are typically very wary of talking about them, from fear of unwanted publicity, unwanted attention from the authorities, and unwanted local knowledge of a safe place to head for.