Eckhart Tolle, time, 2012 & the Mayan Calendar.

March 20th, 2008, by Michael Ewin

Do you know anything at all about the strange events that are scheduled leading up to 2012? Hint. It has to do with the ancient Mayan civilization.

Are you familiar with the underlying message of the extremely popular new consciousness author Eckhard Tolle. His POWER OF NOW and A NEW EARTH books explain the concept of each book in their very titles. Ask around you and find out who has read those books, absorbing his ideas/knowledge, for to be able to accept the future dramatic changes in store for us all in this civilization, we can only ever manage the present moment, not any imagined future!

You will be reading this document in a moment you will call now, but will have a set of numbers attached to it. Those numbers might be on your wrist or even on a small machine placed on a wall that you can look at. As I look at the computer screen before me I see numbers 11:03 on the bottom right hand of the screen.

Now let me jump to the “calendar now” that will be known as 2012.

I would now like to present you with some information that has successfully been kept away from mainstream media’s attention.

Why so?

Primarily because the information in itself difficult to absorb or even believe, and this is the Catch 22.

Because mass media corporations are not presenting this information, this tends to deceive people into thinking that the information itself is not true!

That line of thinking is not logical.

There are a great many issues that are ignored as censorship by omission by large corporate media organizations. Ignoring The ‘911 Truth Movement’ and concentrating instead on Islamic terrorism instead is a classic example.

The Centre for Media and Democracy is only one of many esteemed organizations that monitor the false reporting that occurs with media corporations. Since 1973 the esteemed Sonoma State University Journalism department collates and publishes the 25 most censored stories each year. Between 700 and 1000 stories are submitted to Project Censored each year from journalists, scholars, librarians, and concerned citizens around the world.

So just exactly what are these events that will culminate in 2012?

Here are the words that described and introduced a conference on the subject of the year 2012 which took place on Saturday March 1, 2008 at the Ric Montalban Theatre on North Vine Street, Hollywood.

“Throughout history, humanity has looked to chronological signposts to help us predict and make order of the universe. Perhaps the greatest signpost of the past millennium is approaching quickly. This signpost, revealed by the ancient Mayan Long Calendar is the year 2012”

There are over 17 different Mayan calendars and what is interesting is that they all conjunct in December 2012. Their calendars are circular not linear as the Chinese, Persian, Chaldean Roman-Julian calendars are.

The solar system is a circular affair this is why their calendars are. The biggest of their calendars is one that has a 52,000+ year cycle.

The calendar that is being popularized today is known as the Tzolk’in or Cholq’ij Calendar and the current great cycle 4 Ahau 8 Camku began on August 13th 3113 B.C.

This information was first released to the wider world in August 16th 1987 during a global synchronized event known as the Harmonic Convergence when people gathered at over 3000 sacred sites around the world. Some estimates were that 25,000 people participated, other estimates were 100,000. This event was reported on the front page of ‘The Australian’ newspaper.

That event was seeded by Jose Argüelles who along with Carlos Barrios and his brother Geraldo have recently bought the world’s attention to the Mayan calendars. An American Archeologist, John Major Jenkins also has published 12 books on the subject.

As part of the Harmonic Convergence I attended a sacred site in the Jarrah Plateau above the Swan River sand plains in 1987. In 1994 my attention was once again drawn to the 2012 event, and since then I have been following the increase in awareness and interest of the Mayan Calendar and related events.

Mayan mathematic are quite remarkable. They established that the time taken for the Moon to orbit the Earth as 29.528395 days whereas modern calculations put it at 29.530588. Some calendars calculate exact dates going back 90 and 300 million years.

It is very interesting to note that One Reed, Ce Actatal was a very significant date, for an important ancestors was prophesied to return to the Maya people. This actually corresponded to April 21, 1529 Roman Julian calendar, and amazingly was the exact day when Hernando Cortez arrived in what is today Vera Cruz today in modern Mexico.

And according to the prophesy this time was to be a new era in their calendars, termed the 9 Bolomtakus or 9 Hells each of 52 years. Those cycles ended on August 16th 1987.

Very significantly that same date will also end the world of the Fourth Sun, but the world of the Fifth Sun would not begin until December 21, 2012.

There is still much argument amongst Western Maya scholars about such details.

In 2002 a native South American elder Carlos Barios, who is one of the few custodians of this ancient Mayan knowledge recently said that: “between 16 August 1987 and 21 December 2012 we will have been in a time when the right arm of the materialistic world is disappearing, slowly but inexorably….This is the time of in-between, of transition…..We are at the cusp of an era when peace begins…and as we pass through transition there is a colossal global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and on going Earth changes….it will change, everything will change, change is accelerating and it will speed up’

There were also some significant prophetic comments by Carlos Barrios in early 2002 when a war had not even been spoken of in the West. He said that if there was a war between November 2002 and November 2003 it would be a very bad sign. He used the word catastrophic. Of course the rest is history now. see

As events in the world seem to becoming ever more erratic and unstable, and with current projections that there will be no Artic Ice between 2012 to 2014, I now feel compelled to “come out in the open” with such information, as the world of our future is not going to be the same as the world of the past.

For me, the deciding moment perhaps was when I heard that ‘Born Again’ right wing Christians were now hijacking “2012” and claiming that this was the year of “The Rapture” i.e. when all the elect were to be saved, and lifted into Heaven, or off the Earth, but those who were un-Christian, and un-saved would be left on Earth to experience Armageddon. They were now calling it ‘The End of the World’ year!.

I soon realised that I had to join the fray here in Australia when I read that a major Hollywood film maker had forward sold a script to a major Hollywood studio. This producer, a German director now working in Hollywood has produced many big budget block buster feature films around esoteric subjects. One was an alien invasion of Earth (like H.G.Well’s The War of The Worlds) but with Emmerich’s Independence Day audiences saw massive mother ships, small UFO’s, and the Area 51 underground facility. In Stargate the theme was the return of the star gods who ruled over Ancient Egypt. They arrive is massive Pyramid space ships. In The day after Tomorrow he made a climate change disaster film with massive Tsunamis drowning cities.

A quote from Variety the Hollywood film industry magazine. Feb 21, 2008 The Headline reads Sony buys Emmerich’s 2012.

“2012, the title refers to the date on which the world is supposed to end, and it frames an ensemble disaster epic akin to The Day After Tomorrow, the blockbuster that Emmerich sold in a similar spec sale which turned into a global hit for 20th Century Fox. Sony snapped up 2012, a spec script for a 2009 tent-pole release that Rolan Emmerich will direct It is scripted with 10,000BC co-writer Harold Kloster. Executives at various studios who read the script on Tuesday were then invited to pitch to Emmerich how they would market the picture. Several studios bid on the project, while some shied away from the price tag which could reach $200m US.”

So now he is in a great rush to get his film out by June 2009. (note: three months after writing the above – in June 2008, I discovered that the Fox Corporation had posted a an advance 90 trailerpromoting the film with clues as to it’ story line. Yes there were signs from the heavens, meteor showers but suddenly “good” aliens become the shining ones and come to rescue humankind). Nothing what so ever to do with the Mayan Calendar and prophesy.

Interesting to observe that Mel Gibson has also entered the 2012 fray with his film Apocalipso.

There have been lot of books that are also being rushed to market covering 2012.

I printed out from Amazon Internet book sales a list of all the titles about 2012 . On the Amazon site there were 19 books, 2 DVD’s and one music album, all with numeral 2012 featured in the title. Interestingly three of those books had 4 co-authors, one had three co-authors and one two co-authors.

There is one list that I saw in the middle of 2007 that had a list of 80 books and web sites devoted solely to the 2012 topic.

What I find interesting is that the best summary of the situation I have found in the last 10 years is a book that is not even available in English! Burak Eldem is a Turkish writer and ex-editor of Playboy in Turkey who gave up a career as a journalist to work full time researching the topic. His Book 2012: Rendezvous With Marduk appears to be a scholastic work that is original, whereas all the Americans writing on the subject seem to be out competing each other in a very commercial environment. Most are plagiarizing other author’s material. Whitney Schriber has even abandoned the UFO subject to literally jump on the 2012 commercial bandwagon.

These Americans do their TV talk segments, and compete to do esoteric radio interviews with people like Art Bell, Alex Jones and Jeff Rense and often criticize each other to boost their own book sales. Some of them have now started to appear in conferences and live forums as the topic hots up as 2012 grows ever closer.

However that Turkish man Barak Eldem is not in that American ego race. I really do recommend that you look at his book summary to gain a clear understanding of what happened on Earth the last time the 10th planet passed. He explores in great detail what was recorded by the Egyptian, Sumerian, Chinese and ancient South American civilizations. He also outlines how it is mentioned in the Old Testament.

Here is the related aspect of the Mayan Calendar and 2012.

Founded in the area of modern Iraq, Sumer was one of the oldest know advanced civilizations that predated the Babylonian, Greek, Anatolian, and Minoan civilizations. Some say it was the first. The Sumerians wrote extensively about this 10th planet but they called it Ni.Bi.Ru. The Babylonians called it Marduk. The Sumerians stated in their clay cuneiform tablets (they invented writing) that it was reddish in colour and orbits our sun every 3600 years. Other cuneiform tablets and maps showed the planets in our solar system and their relative sizes. It is not commonly understood how they knew this.

Of course modern scientists last century ignored this information about the Sumerian tablets until 1983 when NASA confirmed that a large body had been found on the edge of our solar system. This is now all over the Internet.

Ancient Chinese astronomers also wrote of such a body but called it a comet, while the ancient Egyptians recorded the traumatic impact it made during it’s last pass near Earth. In like manner the Le Venta civilization, which predated the Olmecs, who in turn predated the Mayan civilization, also recorded it’s passing.

The fact that it will be closest to our Earth just a few weeks after the Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012 makes for an interesting conjunction of knowledge from different ancient civilizations on opposite hemispheres of the planet!

For those people whose intuition might resonate with what you are reading in this particular section I suggest you look at Marshall Masters’s website and download some of the ebooks or newsletters, as this is the most reliable source of information available currently on the Internet.

Marduk known as Planet ‘X’.

In April 2008 I allocated 7 hours to look at many productions that have been posted on You Tube about it. Typing “Planet X” into the You Tube search box will show the first 29 or top rated ones.

One titled ARE YOU READY? #3 (answers and facts) has had 549,349 viewings. I believe this to be not only the best production on the subject, but the most sincere. Without a doubt it is the best introduction to the reality of the subject. I would think that if a person is under 30 years of age, this production technique will be more acceptable, than some of the videos which are more like a dull lecture to camera.

The biggest YOU TUBE viewing number to date (March 20, 2008) is 1,294,801. Yesterday it was 1,287,482. That means 7391 people watched it since I looked at this site since yesterday, or 7390 people not including me. Of course some of those “hits” may be the same people going back to look at it a second time. Unlike many of the other postings, this one promotes “The End of The World” and is just fear creating.

There are five presentations that have over 200,000 views but two of those are part of a three part series that covers a wide range of subjects which include 2012 and NI.BI.RU / Marduk / Planet X.

Then there are 4 presentations that have had between 100,000 and 200,000 views but four of them are from the same producer, who has produced an excellent 5 part series to introduce people in a step by step process.

I think this series is tied into a web site as well.

Late into the third day of searching I stumbled onto another list of planet x productions on You Tube. This list had presentations from 323 views to 2,560.

These are smaller view numbers however. One 2 minute 45 second production had been seen 18,426 times. It should be noted that all the high view 200,000+ productions were often around 10 minutes in length, and were well thought out in presentation style with striking music. Most had a high production standard, and most repeat the same information.