An introduction and background to events leading up to the year 2012

Version 7.01 November 2007
by Michael Ewin

“If your not feeling overwhelmed, your not paying attention” Anonymous.

The year 2012 apparently is to be a key pivot point in our global civilization and a shift to the next. This is explained in detail later in this document, however I commence with information more current.

It seems the time has now arrived to communicate with people and share some fascinating information, information that is not easy to absorb or digest. It might even require that you read it more than once. As you look around you, I feel certain that you will see many people who are ruled by fear, and that is a prime emotion that rules their life, stops them from living life to their full potential. You might understand this concept.

There are some other qualifications and information about myself that I need to share with you, so as to put the information in context, and for you to not just discard it as a hoax.

I suppose I personally known up to 10,000 people due to the many careers I have tried, and the 100+ plus places that I have lived. Some of these people I have known in other lives. This I remember, they do not. In 1972 I recalled my most “recent” life. Another heresy to Christians, Muslims, but not Buddhists or Hindus.

Our immediate future will be much easier to digest for people, who like me, have either a remembrance or understanding of other lives on this planet. This Buddhist perspective is different to the idea that we have only one life as a human being on this particular planet.

The multiple life reality simply helps one not to be trapped in a fear bubble, which so many people in this current era seem to find themselves with-in, often due to the fear of death. Yes?

This item you are reading was first edited on Sunday March 2, 2008 (a long weekend) so this will give you some indication of the time that has elapsed since I decided to share the information with you. It might be that through some interesting circumstance you now find yourself reading it..

However the origin of the information for me started way back in August 1987, so you can see it is a long time that I have been working with it. One Sunday in August 1987 I attended a sacred site in a granite waterfall in the Darling Ranges above Perth. There were between 20 and 30 people present. We were connecting to people at a sacred site in South Africa, and another one in Indonesia, who were in turn connecting to people in hundreds of other sites around the planet. Some two years later I was to discover that there were 3000 sites around the planet that people gathered at as a synchronized event. It had been instigated by Jose Argüelles and today he can be found on-line via THE FOUNDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME. That 1987 event known as the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE was to open the 1987-2012 cycle of change and another Harmonic Convergence is scheduled for December 21st 2012.

Climate Change

I commenced full time research on Climate Change in September 2005. Since then I estimate that I have looked at over 14,000 web sites that deal with climate change, sustainability and directly related topics. My aim then was to produce a TV series on sustainable living and climate change.

This is relevant because 8 months later, Al Gore’s film AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH was released as a feature film in the middle of 2006. This kick started mass media’s interest in climate change as a major new story theme.

Mass media then started to cover the subject consistently in great detail in the latter half of 2006 with ‘climate change news’ as a regular item in newspapers, magazines and on TV news bulletins. Climate Change then became a major factor in Australia’s 2007 November election. The Kyoto issue.

Over this time I also conducted research into the recent technological advances in alternative renewable energy (solar, wind, tide, geo-thermal); the hidden “clean” technologies used by the American military (never discussed in mass media)in their underground facilities; the role of the oil and American car industry from 1990 to 2002 in suppressing the link between human activity and climate change (see Mother Jones magazine (; and lastly the role of Think Tanks, academic institutions and associations involved in the climate debate but only as an economic question.

In an intense 7 months period I searched 1,500 web sites just relating to those four aspects. One never ever counts the hours spent in such research.

I attended three Australian International Documentary conferences to understand the role and relationship of government film funding agencies, global television networks and independent documentary production. This helped me understand how a global association of TV stations (including SBS, BBC, CBC and the ABC) decide what subjects will be commissioned by this network, and what subjects are omitted. This conference is financed by Australian government departments.

In my mostly full time research over these years I made a number of interesting discoveries, with some of this information not then being reported in the New Scientist, the BBC or CNN. I soon discovered that especially under the Howard Government, ABC TV had been heavily compromised by many ‘dirty’ industry associations and bodies and the ABC was only reporting certain ‘biased sets of data and information’ and was ignoring others. The quality of it’s information was highly politicized and certain viewpoints were being censored.

That was not case with SBS.

Many people reading this document clearly understand that the more one researches on the internet, the more one learns. I am no different to you in this respect. Often you get valuable leads and links from others. Very quickly you learn to evaluate the “quality” of data and information, and the reliability of the source. If a site carries advertising, there is another agenda in operation. Discrimination is soon learnt when researching the 911 Truth Movement subject on the Internet!

That said, there is much reliable and accurate information found on the Internet, if certain basic rules and guidelines are followed. Much of this information is not presented in large corporate media chains, and if it is, it has been ‘slanted’ a certain way. Often controversial information will be watered down so to appear as not so controversial.

As to this climate change I found the following site of great value and passed on to many ABC radio national program producers.

I discovered many interesting tits bits of information during these years of research.

For example: how – as a result of the clearing of 46% of the Amazon basin there have been unheard of droughts in the middle of the Amazon basin. One major river’s water level had dried up, falling 51 feet.

Then there were those NASA photos of deep valleys on Mars that had green areas along ravines that looked much like tree cover. Then a NASA book published 30 years ago that showed the cloud cover over a certain region of that planet, showing that it had an atmosphere. I suppose my most interesting find was the detailed NASA graphs and graphics of the ice and water areas on Mar’s polar cap, and it had the same form as the NASA graphs I had seen of Earth’s north polar ice cap!

That was 3 years before the highly promoted landings of a probe in 2008 supposed looking for water and ice near the poles.

That made an interesting comparison to the official organization that monitors and measures the formation and melt of ice in the artic circle. I discovered that from 1972 to 2000 the winter ice average in the Artic was 4.4 million square miles. There was alarm in 2005 when the ice cover dropped down to only 1.6 million square miles. Thus it was a ‘deliberate non-story’ in September 2007 when only 1.056 million square miles formed (not the average 4.4 m sq miles).

This was front page news that never made the front page.

These same people who monitor the artic estimate there will be hardly any ice at all forming in the artic circle during 2012 – 2013. Of course mass media did not report this projection, preferring instead to report the old estimates of “no artic ice in 2030 or 2050 or 2080”. You can find all 3 estimates in print since 2001. The 2012-2013 truth is a most unpopular truth that many editors don’t want to report.

You might have heard of the ice melt and fresh water run off from Greenland and the resulting increase in sea level rise. Al Gore made a big deal of this. Time Magazine’s special feature book on Climate Change in late 2007, showed that one month’s fresh water run off from Greenland is the equivalent to all the water used by all industry and all the residents of a city like Perth. That is over a period of 35 years. Sea level rise is increased by one cubic mile per week just from Greenland alone. This does not include the run off from Canada, Alaska, the Nordic countries and the vast Siberian artic land mass with hundreds of rivers adding permafrost melt.

This fresh water run off dramatically affects the global ocean current.

To understand the Global Ocean Current with words and not a map.

Image the global sea current starting near the Gulf of Mexico. It then becomes the Gulf Stream moving from the Amazon coast and Gulf of Mexico flowing across the Atlantic Ocean towards Western Europe/Greenland. There, this water sinks to the ocean bottom and flows south on the ocean bottom to South Africa around the Cape of Good Hope, then across the Antarctica continent (below the southern section of the Australian continent) across the bottom of the Pacific Ocean up to Japan where it surfaces. Then it moves back down across Indonesia and the Indian ocean, back around South Africa’s tip up across to the Gulf of Mexico again, to once more start the cycle around the planet.

It circulates all around the planet, across all major oceans, and across both hemispheres and is regarded as a major driver of the planet’s climate system.

There are 3000 boys that measure its movement in the Atlantic alone.

Studies have showed that it has slowed 30% since the 1950’s.

It is stops the northern parts of Western Europe freezes during winter and the types of food grown there currently will not be able to be grown in the future. This global current stopped for a few days and started up again, once in 1996 and again in 2004. Alarm.

There is only a certain amount of information released as governments do not want people to engage in undue panic. Fact is, governments also want to maintain their power base.

There is also no accurate measuring of the increasing massive run off of melting permafrost into the Artic Circle along the many Siberian rivers being measured by the scientific community, as there is in other climate crisis points around the planet. Siberia’s methane gas release from melting permafrost is yet another crisis.

In 2007 the North West Passage did not freeze over, so ships could sail from Japan across the top of Siberia to Norway, Greenland and Canada. Once in 1927 it did not freeze either, so scientists are watching to see if this is a one off event as it was in 1927, or if it is another pattern like other new climate patterns leading towards virtually no artic ice by 2013.

Then in July 2008 it was widely reported that the Russian Artic Climate institutes’ monitoring station on an Artic island had to be suddenly abandoned because the ice had started to melt and break up.

Oil exploration companies want an ice free artic so they can more easily explore and find oil like they discovered in Siberia, Alaska and northern Norway.

For 40 years we have known about the changing climate. The oil and car industries spent around 400 million US dollars between 1990 and 2002 funding 42 organizations who ridiculed the scientific link between human activity and climate change. The skeptics lobby. But now after 40 years of inactivity suddenly there is now a sense of great panic. Climate suddenly replaced terrorism and the Iraq oil war as the big bad news story.

The new head of the United Nations, Un Ban Kimoon flew to the Antarctic Continent in late 2007 with some religious leaders. TV cameras accompanied this tour, and the UN Secretary General that there was now quote “a planetary emergency” as regards climate change. These words were carefully chosen, but again not presented as front page major news. The elections and riots in Kenya got more attention. This Antarctic story was buried and lost

The Climate Crisis is the consequence of consciousness. A given consciousness results in a certain consumer lifestyle, and it is this which has resulted in the current state of the planet and climate. It is the advertising industry which promotes this lifestyle. It is corporations which profits from this wasteful lifestyle. Shareholder’s profit’s are a major incentive. Villages in the Amazon are not part of this whole process.

In July 2008 it been revealed how in 2004 a large American government agency knowingly censored alarming news about climate change.


Page 14, June 4, 2008. The West Australian. This paper is not the most progressive, cosmopolitan or worldly newspaper. The item reads – NASA’s press office “marginalised or mischaracterised” studies on global warming in 2004-06, the agency’s international watchdog has concluded. In a report released on Monday by the NASA’s Inspector general’s office spokesperson Michael Cabbage said: They had thwarted National Public Radio (NPR) access to famous climate scientist John Hansen; canceled press conferences because they were to close to the 2004 election; had on a more than a dozen occasions downgraded press releases to do with global warming. The report concluded that “inappropriate political posturing or advantage was behind some of the actions”.

The West’s 2 column item sourced from Washington mentions Mark Bowen who wrote a book about NASA’s censorship of Dr Hansen, NASA’s administrator Michael Griffith, deputy counsel Keith Sefton, the then press secretary Dean Acosta, and of course NASA’s overall head of public affairs David Mould who defended his actions by saying “I didn’t see things that were politically influenced”.

This short item however did not mention the famous incident where Phil Cooney was forced to resign after altering the statements and press released issued by Dr Hansen. America’s 60 minutes TV show, Australia’s ABC 7- 30 Report and a number of other media’s have covered this famous censorship incident. The Phil Cooney case even made it’s way into the Wikipedia Encyclopedia..

After climate change stories in 2008 we then witnessed oil price hikes and food price hikes.

It happened very suddenly in March 2008when a new bad world wide news media theme was launched around the world food shortage. It was not linked to Monsanto’s quarterly profit jumping from $543m to $1.12bn. Cargill’s quarterly earning jumping 86% from $553 to $1.03bn. Archer Daniels Midland’s grain distributor’s profits jumped from $42.2m to $520.8 a 12 fold increase in just 3 months. ‘Multinational make billions in profit out of growing global food crisis’ By Geoffrey Lean The Independent May 4, 2008.